2018 #Thore Network Journey & 2019 Mainnet 2.0 Roadmap


The Great Crypto Crash of 2018 looks more and more like one for the record books.The virtual-currency mania of 2017 — fueled by hopes that Bitcoin would become “digital gold” and that blockchain-powered tokens would reshape industries from finance to food — has quickly given way to concerns about excessive hype, security flaws, market manipulation, tighter regulation and slower-than-anticipated adoption by Wall Street.market correction or crypto crash has eradicated billions in value in what can be called a handover from retail to sophisticated institutional investors, thousands of token Projects vanished & coins have been all but eliminated and removed from circulation

One example is enough What 2018 & crypto assets

Actual Return from Crypto Market

🤣1. #ENG $0.12 2. #XVG $0.006 3. #RDD $0.001 4. #XRP $0.33 5. #IOTA $0.27 6. #EOS $2.52 7. #XRB $0.87 8. #TRX $0.01 9. #BTS $0.03 10. #ETN $0.006

Bitcoin Down 82%

Ethereum Down 91%

Top 15 Cryptos down 85–96%

#Thore Project Performance in 2018

(Mainet 1.0 Live from 25 July-25 dec 2018)Call it shameless blatant display or Anything Fact is Thore Project closed 2018 & Mainnet 1.0 in GREEN — we call it Price Management in Real time Trading and we would like to give a big thanks to our community for being so supportive Thanks to everyone who participated — we literally couldn’t have done it without you!With over 6350+ addresses now holding Thore tokens, we feel we succeeded in Mainnet 1.0 We’re proud to have pioneered a Tri Blockchain One of its Kind Model for Thore tokens (THR TCH THX THE/THEX)

Public Traded tokens closed 2018 with success “ A Green closing is Green closing” Rare Feat

In addition to we specially thank Mercatox Traders We are overwhelmed by the volume you Generated in #TCH

We are hard at work refining the exchange and preparing for launch Mainnet 2.0 to ensure you are not disappointed

Use Investing.com Blockfolio Delta Bituniverse app for Thore tokens historical data Tracking we are listed with all Major crypto tracking app & websites

After OCT 2018–25 DEC 2018 (MainNet 1.0 Duration) Our Main activities

Staking I & II Highly beneficial futuristic #TCH Ready to lend Retail Model

Listing #TCH @ 4–5 New exchanges + #TCH Ireland & #TCH Israel

Partnership with Blockium & Aircoin

Agreement with TRON Network for TCHTRX Liquidity & Listing

Waves Token Growth — Redesign entire Waves token Architecture and launched smart account smart token and smart assets (THR TCH THX THEX)

Started Trading of TCH Waves THX Waves

Token swapping ERC20-Waves

115 time entered in CoinMarketCap Trending #TCH #THR

100+ Miners network for THX Blockchain

Visit https://twitter.com/Thr_Official for all Up to date activities announcements and updates- We do not want to flood tweets IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT OUR ACTIVITIES SPEND SOME TIME AND FIND https://twitter.com/Thr_Official

2019 Mainnet 2.0 Live from 25 FEB 2019

2019–2020 cryptocurrency market will see significant growth due to the backing of institutional investors

“2019 will be a year of accelerated maturation for the crypto sector due to institutional investment.” Whatever market sentiment we are currently experiencing in crypto, the main topic of 2019 will be about security tokens gaining ground.Security tokens enable people to verify ownership (or a relation to) physical or digital properties on blockchain. an exciting year for security tokens (US term, in Europe we often refer to it as equity tokens — I like to refer to it as ownership tokens) Ownership is going to be BIG trend in 2019

Basically any kind of asset can be tokenized, whether it’s currency, bond (loan), equity (stock, share), commodity (gold, oil, wheat), or real estate.

Get Ready for STO 2019–2020 Tsunami

Our Roadmap in 2019 Mainnet 2.0 ( 25 feb -25 dec 2019)

# Security Token #THR 120–150 day Process with Listing DEX

( Big Project & Massive Growth for THR ICO/Presale Holders) THR is only Crypto Basket but Post STO we are going to include Global equities as tokens in THR basket like AAPL Tesla Intel Netflix ALibaba European stocks Crude as tokens In the 2nd quarter 2019, THR will launch its Hybrid crypto investment Basket. These portfolios are designed to achieve an optimal ratio of return and risk. Derivatives are also included — stay tuned for Major announcement with one European leading FX & CFD giant The prerequisite is, of course Security token TOKENISATION is FUTURE

Our AIM is $1000 THR Per token in 2019

# TCH Security Token


#TCHTRX Listing (Going to Be Main Trading token)

#Country specific listing (NDA Prelim agreement already done with zimbabwe INDIA Peru Israel & Singapore

#THX Blockchain Mining

#ThoreNext Security token Platform Launch

#Thore Exchange Live From March 2019

#Thore Exchange Mobile Trading App

#THX #THE Trading growth we’re exploring options to List with Multiple Exchanges (In 2018 we listed with 15+ exchanges) Stay tuned to hear about the Listing announcements and how you can help us make THX THE your best investment in 2019

#Waves Token Growth

#ERC20-ERC721 Conversion

#Liquidity solution for Thore tokens we are building our own Liquidity & Market making engine with Thore exchange — Market making is Not a cuss word with Liquid waves its official

#Epay License for #TCH crypto — fiat Lending

#P2P Lending Platform in INDIA -July 2019

#15000+ Token holders Growth in Mainnet 2.0

Now that I’ve introduced the 2019 Mainnet 2.0 Roadmap, I’ll continue to update more detailed aspects of the 2019 activities in future articles, so stay tuned.Time to time we will publish detail report about our Roadmap

2019 — The Year When Tokenized Assets Journey start Be Part of IT We are looking for the best partners for our project and getting our platform to be fully working product, to achieve profitability in the year that is ahead of us.

All Thore Publicly Traded tokens Price Movement is entirely depends on Traders & Price/demand action





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