Mainnet Wallet #THXCHAIN Intro

THXChain Mainnet Web wallet Already Live since 1 August and Android wallet is scheduled to live Early Nov 2020

THXCHAIN wallet can securely store the following assets


THXC, the operational token of the THXCHAIN



.Quickly and easily create, import, and manage THXCHAIN wallets

. Check the transaction progress in your THXCHAIN wallet at a glance

. Buy Sell THXC within App

· Provide three kinds of wallet backups

.Instant SWAP

THXCHAIN Wallet Now supports transactions, account creation and import, Staking, Trading

Validator Ecosystem is the most crucial part of THXCHAIN Network, which serves as a Network Alliance or MasterNode Shareholders Active MasterNode Owners in THXCHAIN network can now claim their rewards through their MainNet wallet

Live 05–11–2020



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