THE — ThoreExchange USD EURO BTC Withdrawal Options Added

#THE ThoreExchange is Based On Waves DEX* , a decentralized solution for digital assets trading.

One of the core elements of the #THE platform is its decentralised exchange (DEX): a peer-to-peer engine that allows users to trade #THR assets against each other quickly and securely, with low fees and no middlemen.

#THE peer-to-peer exchange offers a unique combination of features:

  • The speed of a centralised exchange
  • The ultimate security of blockchain
  • Professional trading interface
  • Gateways for fiat trading pairs
  • Ultra-low fees
  • Anonymity

FIAT withdrawl

#THE US dollar gateway is now available within the client — allowing anyone to deposit and withdraw USD and use the backed token within the Waves ecosystem.

The USD gateway is live within the Waves client. Waves users can deposit USD via the secure gateway, receiving in return a token that is 100% backed by dollar reserves. This can be held, transferred and exchanged for other #THR tokens or #BTC quickly and at low cost, and withdrawn back through the gateway into the traditional financial system when required.

Some “Live”screenshots

Transferred #THR from “wallet” to #THE Exchange

Transaction confirmed On Blockchain ( 5 seconds)

In due course, gateways for further major currencies will be added, opening opportunities to other areas of the world — including the Chinese market, with a CNY gateway. As with the EUR gateway, the USD gateway partner is Coinomat

Withdrawing Fiat from Waves Wallet to a Bank Account

Waves users can withdraw USD and Euros from their #THR wallets to their private bank accounts.

Withdrawing Requirements

Withdrawing Euros or USD is only available for verified users who once made a deposit transaction from their private bank accounts to their verified waves wallets. Withdrawing is allowed only to the same private bank account from which the user has deposited funds.

Only Euros and USD can be withdrawn from the #THE Exchange wallet to the bank account.

For the first withdrawal to be made user must submit his/her bank statement with proof of address.

Considerable amounts will require submitting a proof of origins of the money.

Use your verified #THE Waves address only for withdrawing fiat currencies. All withdrawals made from unverified addresses will be considered as mistakes and will be returned back to sender upon request with 25$ fee deduction.

Withdrawing Limits


The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/Euros.

If you send smaller than minimal amount it won’t be withdrawn. It might be returned back to your #THE account upon request. The fee of 25 USD will be deducted for this operation.


The maximum withdrawal amount limit is not set and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible countries

We are estonian company & estonia is approved for FIAT deposit/withdrawl for others one can take payout in Bitcoin

Still early days in coming months more clarity more features will be added

Participate in #THR Thoreexchange ICO



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