Thore Network 2.0 2021 Roadmap 1/3


Innovation has always been one of the major strengths of Thore Network it is time to share our plans for the remainder of 2020 and heading into 2021

Thore Project 2.0 is Very simple

Only 2 Projects

  1. THXCHAIN — THXC is the Master Asset for the THXCHAIN Main-net which will upgrade/Replace the current ERC20/Waves/TRX version(s) of Thore Network Assets (TCH/THX/THEX/THE)

THX — Thorenext DeFi version is standalone Project part of THXCHAIN & Swap Adjusted Return its 20x in 3 years

Thore Network 2.0 heading into 2021 with 2 Projects THXCHAIN & Thorecoin $THR is 5 digit % gainer THX DeFi 2000% & THXCHAIN Journey about to start — Our vision evolved


From prototype Testnet we’ve designed a modular, plug and play architecture. THXCHAIN modules are decoupled, having single responsibility, and ensuring maximal flexibility for future updates

Blockchain Interoperability

As highlighted in our recent Medium Posts, Ethereum & Waves support will be introduced to THXCHAIN, enabling ‘wrapped’ THXCHAIN on the Ether & Waves Blockchain.

STO & Digital Asset Platform #BuildwithTHX

The STO & Digital Asset Platform enable Projects to integrate THXCHAIN Blockchain


THXCHAIN Mobile Wallet development going ON 80% completed This development enables users to secure their tokens safely and securely on their mobile devices+ Stake & Trade

Mid DEC THXCHAIN Trading will start — We will announce official Listing date+ Exchange Details in Separate medium Post

Phase IV Swap

1st week DEC — We will announce Details in Separate medium Post

THXCHAIN Oracles coming soon