Thore Network Community Update #QTRLY

In an effort to better streamline communicating our progress with our Thore Network community, we will be publishing periodic community updates-#ThoreNetwork Activities Pointwise for more details follow Twitter thr_official & Medium Posts

Asset Quality Growth

CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular sites in the cryptoverse, with 60 million unique visits and is among Alexa’s top 50 sites in the United States Only Crypto Assets that meet the stringent criteria can be listed on CMC & For Exchange Listing They Set Really High standard

Entire Thore Network is Now Live @ CoinMarketcap highest-profile bellwether of the industry, This is a major achievement for Thore Project in just six months Time

If This is Not enough TCHApp — Thore Network iOS Exchange & Lending Platform Listed with CoinMarketcap within 24 hours of Beta Live — #Record

Thore Network Asset Quality Growth leverage effect

Yahoo Finance #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy largest business news website In the United States by monthly traffic

+ largest world finance news aggregator

ThoreNetwork Flagship Asset THR Thorecoin is Live Yahoo Finance

Nasdaq’s Quandl Institutional Data Platform adds THX & THR in BICB Blockchain Investments Cryptocurrency Bundle

ThoreNetwork (THR & THX) Under 50 Global Ranking

The TIE, LLC (“The TIE”), a leading cryptocurrency information services firm Added THR & THX

Forbes crypto whitelisted Thorecoin

Leading Institutional Data Provider CryptoCompare Listed Thore Exchange

has entered into a number of strategic partnerships to bring real-time, accurate market data to trading professionals and investors, allowing them to identify specific buy and sell opportunities, expand their digital asset portfolios and make better investment decisions.

VanEck: Through its partnership with MVIS, VanEck’s indices division, CryptoCompare delivers a suite of indices for cryptocurrencies. Similar to the FSTE or NYSE matrix, this partnership provides the tools for the institutional investor to compare cryptocurrency prices reliably and in real- time.

Thore Network Asset Quality Growth Continue

Thore Network STO (Security Token)

THRSTO Security Token Process Completed 75%

THRSTO Token Distribution / SWAP Begin soon

Thore Network in Advance talk with LDX London Derivatives Exchange. for THRSTO Listing — Early Formalities completed

For More Details Read Latest Medium Post about THRSTO TCHSTO

#2020 — Wait for Announcement Legal & Regulatory Approval 70% Completed

jurisdiction (STO+ Index Fund) = Cyprus

All Solutions under one roof, for any startup to launch its own STO within Few days & Few clicks

Our AIM for THX is Global Ranking Under 20 within March 2020 & $100 Price (All blockchain combined)

Thore Network Buyback Conducted successfully

TCH ERC + BTT Reward Distribution ON*

Thore Exchange Insurance Formalities 95% Completed

Thore Network SVP


#TCHApp Awesome Updates#TCHApp is on its way to the Apple App Store. Submissions Primarily approved & Dedicated “Page” Created in App store we are awaiting final approval from Apple

TCHApp version 1 Build 5 (iOS Exchange +Lending) Module completed

1 MN TCHApp token Presale completed (10% of Total Supply)

TCHApp Token listed

TCHApp Exchange Listed with CoinMarketCap within 24 hours of Launch — Its Record Not going to break for sure

Institutional CryptoCompare Whitelisted TCHApp Token + Exchange Both

CoinCodex Coinlib CoinRanking & 30+ Data Aggregators support confirmed

TCHApp Presale III On Till Nov 2019

Thore Network Means

2 Ongoing STO

3 In House Exchange Infra

Liquidity solutions

STO Platform

Tokenisation Solutions

KYC portal

OTC Desk

Data Aggregator

Lending system


USD FIAT Gateway is added to Thore Exchange & TCHApp

A lot has happened in This Qtr Already — Thore Network is Officially Live It was a very busy and fruitful one for Thore Network on various levels.

& Finally

THX CHAIN #MainNet 2020 — Separate detailed medium Post is coming (OCT Mid)

Phase wise Migration to Own Blockchain in Early 2020

Developments and expansion plans continue which will benefit all our loyal token holders in the future

We are also working on community size in crypto Every project is working hard to increase community size But Thore Network is planning to Reduce its Community size — Our Internal Research says 30% Holders downsize is good for entire Network

Appointment of Dedicated Compliance Officer As per STO norms (THRSTO TCHSTO) from DEC 2019

Thore Network experienced tremendous growth in last quarter & We are Excited with the prospects that lie ahead of us in Bitcoin Halving year



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