Thore Network RoadMap 2.0

Innovation has always been one of the major strengths of Thore Network it is time to share our plans for 2019 and our overall vision in Bitcoin Halving Year

Bitcoin Halving is Very Important factor in Thore project When we Plan Thore Project Ethereum Price was $1-$2 & Bitcoin price was $500 -$700 (Last Halving 2016) & next year they Hit $1400 & $20000 Respectively :) we decided to launch Thore Project

Thore Project Born in Jan 2018 & completed 16 Months We are one of the Major beneficiary of Dreaded 2018 Crypto Bear Market completed our #Build Process between $3000-$4000 Bitcoin levels It’s important to note that the Crypto+ blockchain space is still changing very rapidly & so we are
#Bitcoin Halving in 291 days #ThoreNetwork not in hurry at all — slow & steady growth module + BTC/Crypto market growth is key Our AIM in Next 100 days 👇

Security Token STO Live

STOs are next BIG opportunity in crypto world & like every 10000x opportunity its going to test many nerves and takes hell lot of time

Our Flagship Asset ThoreCOIN STO Process Update & Plan

Total Supply 100000 Only

ThoreCOIN is going to split in 2 Part

Security Token THRSTO Quantity 35500

Digital Asset Portfolio Token Quantity 55500 (Non STO Token)

Digital Asset Portfolio THR Thore Network launching the Thore Digital Asset Portfolio Tokenised managed Crypto FUND of 15 cryptocurrencies by inflation-adjusted market capitalization+ Equity & Commodity
Start as Low as $1000 will be sold as a Security Token+Digital Asset to accredited investors In that respect, it will be less similar to an ETF and more like the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), a private placement investment also sold to accredited investors that enables one to have exposure to Bitcoin in traditional financial accounts We are expecting live from OCT (subject to Regulatory formalities) Pre Launch offer sent to all Private Investors

1 THR Represents 1 Portfolio

Year long #Build Process Near end & final product! Looking great!


ThoreCOIN/ThoreCash STO KYC Process Completed

Next Step is KYC Approval ThoreNetwork is a registered entity in Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland has undertaken the necessary legal and compliance measures to ensure a fully compliant STO Process as Per EU system

For this reason, certain jurisdictions such as US, Singapore China & Few Others will not be allowed to participate in STO

After KYC Approval Platform Listing & Exchange Listing Phase start

Thore Network Exchange Infra

We build 5 Own Crypto Digital Asset Trading Platform




BurstForth (100% Acquisition for CFD)

### To be Announced ( Another 100% Acquisition)

Insurance Process is about to finish & In next 100 days we are all set to Open Exchange Infra

Thore Exchange going to be STO Exchange & Provide Liquidity solution in STO Segment Only

Thore Exchange Major Revenue source is going to be Liquidity solutions + STO token Listing

#TCHApp iOS Exchange & lending Module Build completed

#TCHApp Token Listing : We decided to list in dec 2019 or Jan 2020 before that entire TCHApp Build finish and As the beta program launches and progresses, TCHApp intends to be in constant contact with trial participants to gather feedback and refine our processes We plan to make it Grand Listing in Bitcoin Halving Year in Better Market conditions #TCHApp raised $200000 in 3 Private Presale so far & 2 More scheduled in OCT 2019 & Nov 2019


Thore Network Ambitious Project #CMS CoinMarketSuite is almost ready & Live from #August Its going to be Crypto worlds 1st STO Data Aggregator Platform + INSTITUTIONAL GRADE CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET DATA

#CMS Going to covers 5,000+ cryptocurrency pairs trading across 100+ exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Okex, Kraken, Poloniex, YoBit, ThoreExchange & More

ICO Listing

STO Listing

Historical and on-going data synchronized daily Tick by Tick


Use our granular crypto data to run simulations and back-test trading

Possibility : Once its fully live we will voluntarily Delist our Tokens from existing Data aggregators Like #CoinMarketcap #CoinGecko ETC — They supported Thore Project very well from day 1 But Now they have Nothing new to offer :)

We have already started the process of establishing the Thore Network Sovereign Money Foundation in Switzerland/Germany. This process will take 6–8 months, and in the end, we will have a non-profit organization with the goal of improving Thore Network, promoting research, increasing awareness, and pushing the overall privacy and financial sovereignty agenda When we have more visibility into the Foundation launch time frame, we will share more information about the Foundation governance & Its working

Interoperability: Integration With Existing Blockchain Networks using THXChain

In Closing…

Hopefully this has given you a good insight into what our major focuses will be at Thore Network In Next 4 Months (2019)

Over the next 4-6 months, it’s likely that there will be many more changes in the Crypto market that we can’t predict at the time of this writing — and which we will need to shift to accommodate & Thore Network is always Ahead of time

This post is intentionally written very short #MainNet2020 #BitcoinHalving #BitcoinX & #STO Token Ownership & Lot More in Next 2 Medium Posts #RoadMap2.0

Thore Network @ Glance

3 Blockchain 4 Token

Own Blockchain Network : THX

5 Crypto Exchanges

Own Data Aggregator #CMS

Own Liquidity Solution #ThoreLiq

Own KYC Solutions

While some of the exact specifics of the features we build and implement may shift in priority, the general direction will remain the same