Thore Network Update Query Series 2/3

Thore Network
2 min readMay 13, 2020


World slowly & Gradually Opening & EU zone continuing with its plans to kickstart the economy after weeks of life under lockdown

In a matter of just merely 2 months, the COVID-19 outbreak has changed almost every single aspect of our daily life.These are difficult times

In This Most Important Query series we would like to cover everything you need to Know


We started Registration with GERMANY Under AMLD5 Thore Network started Registration process with Local Regulators

COVID-19, AS UNFORTUNATE AS THE PANDEMIC IS, MIGHT HAVE THIS ONE BIG POSITIVE, DIGITAL SIDE EFFECT — The concerns over COVID-19 will provide a secular boost to digital currency, Digital assets, and other uses of blockchain technology & Thore Network is all set to start its Fresh Journey with #Mainnet2020

We’re happy to announce that the THXChain MainNet is Ready

The core motivation fueling this launch is the desire to provide infrastructure for a Next Generation blockchain network. THXChain vision is to enable communication and connectivity among various cryptocurrency systems We are excited to support THXChain vision for an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains

THXChain Swap Schedule

1st TCH — ThoreCash —

2nd THX (ERC/Waves Both Chain) —

3rd THE/THEX —

In simple language — Thore Network is Migrating to its Own CHAIN #THXChain as per our #Mainnet2020 Agenda

KYC Clearance Wallet Activation & SWAP TCH- THXChain TCH start from June We thank you all for waiting patiently for the token swap.

The token swap will be made through our Portal ONLY

Specific information regarding the token swap+Listing will be officially announced through our ONE & ONLY OFFICIAL CHANNEL MEDIUM post in next 2 weeks

In next Post Query Series we will cover

THR Final SWAP Details & process

TCHApp Status

THR Digital Portfolio Live

& Few More details #PostCovidERA

Query Series 3/3 in next 24–48 hours