Thore Network Update #ReBOOT

COVID-19 is putting the global economy into a tailspin. Many countries are heading for very sudden and unprecedented recession. This crisis will catalyze some huge changes. Few industries will avoid being either reformed, restructured or removed. Agility, scalability and automation will be the watchwords for this new era of business, and those that have these capabilities now will be the winners.

We @ Thore Project going to REBOOT Entire Structure

During times of macroeconomic stress, crypto Digital Assets can potentially offer investors a viable lifeline at key junctures

KYC & SWAP at this stage we dont see any possibility of “work resume” As Most EU Countries going into extended lockdown or starting to lift their coronavirus lockdowns slowly

We started Registration with GERMANY Under AMLD5 Thore Network started Registration process with Local Regulators

This Process is 90% pending & we will review again 30 May 2020

At this stage, once Lockdown phase over and Normal life back on street first thing we will finish KYC & SWAP But it’s not so easy to return from the Lockdown/extended lockdown and its safe to assume our Legal & KYC Partners may take additional time afterall doing KYC & finish legal documents is last priority at this stage for them

Remote 100%

On a positive note, remote working has been embraced from day one @ Thore Network . The global shift towards remote working is welcome Move

Obviously Not everyone is able to perform their work remotely, of course. But there are many more remote employees than there were a few months ago. With the help of their IT organizations, these workers grabbed their laptops, mobile phones, VPN passwords, and any essential peripherals, and set up their new temporary home offices in dining rooms, basements, and bedrooms.

The crypto asset industry is arguably one of the best-equipped to handle communicating effectively across different time zones, maintaining productivity, and managing teams remotely.

As we progress towards a more digitized future, Thore Network is all set to start its Traditional Financial system+ Digital Asset Model via #Mainnet2020 later this Year

Thore Network is setting 3 Remote work Platform EU US & South East Asia zone to handle Ongoing #Mainnet2020 development STO Platform Business Enquiries + strategic partnerships with other platforms and systems to support fiat Lending, and are obtaining financial licences in Different jurisdictions



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