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As blockchain technology matures, cryptocurrency traders must mature with it — or get left behind Thore Network (THR & THX) is Perhaps “Last” crypto Project where you can see 4–5 digit % Gain On 1–2 year Basis we strongly believe THR & THX is last Crypto Project

Source DELTA

Ripple’s XRP token despite a number of partnerships and solid fundamentals from the San Francisco based fintech firm.

XRP is currently trading at $0.225 and its market cap has dumped below $10 billion. It spent most of that year hovering around $0.20 and appears to be heading back there. Since its peak XRP has dumped 94%.

Bitcoin Cash it another altcoin that has failed to gain any momentum despite efforts to “PUMP” by project leaders. BCH market cap is now under $4 billion and it too has dumped 94% since its giddy height of $4,000 in December 2017.

Other 90 percent plus losers include Stellar, Tron, NEO, Iota, Dash, VeChain, Ethereum Classic, Ontology, NEM, Qtum, Augur, Nano, Bitcoin Gold and even more further down the coin cap list.

Total crypto market capitalization today is around $200 billion. 2018 Early top $800 billion but tumbled through it in November 2018 in a dump to $100 billion. Another push this year sent total cap up to $380 billion but it has since collapsed 50% again as the altcoins begin to die off.The only positive thing at the moment is that total cap is up 60% since the beginning of the year but that is virtually Bitcoin

Very few of them have held on to their gains-

Thore Project is Unique because of its Complete Inhouse setup — Token Ecosystem +Blockchain+ Exchange Infra +Lending +Liquidity +Data Aggregator +App+Security Token System+ STO Platform

Next 6 month will confirm this :BIAS: No other crypto Project can Match such returns on yearly Basis Reason

Despite exchanges and market data aggregators’ attempts to recreate the experience, the cryptocurrency market is not the stock market. New blockchain startup projects have exciting ideas on paper which, if realized, could prove incredibly disruptive But Launching Crypto project Now is not easy in-fact its not Possible at all

All fancy $100000 BTC is Not a massive return its just 10–11x from current levels & its “done deal”

Blockchain won’t be mainstream until it gets boring.A healthy cryptocurrency market requires resilient and growing projects, and New Investors dont want or dont like to listen 150x 200x kind of return they are pretty happy with 10x in 3 years it is the time to start taking them more seriously.

Thore Project (THR THX) is perhaps Last Crypto project with 4-5 digit % Gain on yearly/2 year basis — Return can get better with Market growth #Important Thore Project yet to see Crypto “Bull Market”

Thore Project (THR THX) Achieved #ThoreEverywhere Agenda

Listing -CoinMarketCap (Entire Thore Network Universe live with CMC+Cryptocompare Blockfolio Delta CoinBase & 50+ leading Crypto Market Portals

Traditional Financial Market giants Like Yahoo Finance Nasdaq Quandl ForbesCrypto Bloomberg -MVDAMC Reuters:.MVDAMC Its sign of Massive Asset Quality Growth in 2019

Recently Thore Project (THR THX) Included in Prestigious MVIS Index VanEck: Through its partnership with MVIS, Similar to the FSTE or NYSE matrix

4 FEB 2020 Thore Project 2nd Anniversary

We Expect Early Institutional Fund Flow in Thore project within 1st Quarter 2020 Thore Project is Now an established Crypto+Digital Asset project Asset Quality Growth+OutPerformance & Near product maturity- it’s like watching paint dry No Hurry at all

Year 2020 is Bitcoin Halving Year and Thore Project is directly linked with it



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