The rise of the ThoreCOIN in the crypto scene in the first half of 2019 was one of the more unusual events in the industry which hardly lacks in excitement. Following March 2019, this cryptocurrency reached the ranks of the top 100 coins by making giant strides based on its promise of delivering an optimized STO-based solution, with the focus on delivering liquidity for investments that may require it. In this sense, the THR token is supposed to stand for an investment into a basket of various top traded coins, or even stocks that do not need to be related to cryptos, such as those of tech giants and other global corporate players.

In 2019–2020 Crypto Market THR is TOP gainer % wise (2 years time frame)

#Mainnet2020 THXCHAIN is live & Thore network 2.0 started

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100% THXC Reward just for Holding ThoreCOIN

#Important Fresh Purchase from Exchange is Not Required for this Reward This Reward is only for Existing ThoreCOIN Holders

Q What is the next 100x crypto


THXCHAIN Potential is 100x from its Intrinsic value Disruptive zero Transaction fees Model POA Blockchain space grow by about 100x