THX DeFi Liquidity Mining

THX DeFi Project Presale is going On 15–10–2020 to 01–11–2020

Total Quantity available 75000

30%+ Presale quota completed

THX DeFi project is launching a special event that allows THX-ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap to earn THX + THXCHAIN Tokens

(Total Reward 50000 THX)

Liquidity Link

To start earning Liquidity Reward simply do the following:

Provide THX liquidity via Uniswap THX between 25 October to 15 November 2020;

Purchase Link

This being a THX DeFi initiative, you will also be able to earn THXCHAIN users will earn 25% yield in THX+THXCHAIN on the liquidity they provided, based on the THX-ETH Tokens that they liquidity staked . So a user who adds 1000 THX worth of liquidity, and stakes the THX Token equivalent of the liquidity provided, will receive 250 THX +250 THXCHAIN at the end of the event.

The event is segmented into 3 periods (each period is 7 days); the earned THX+THXCHAIN Tokens will be Credited after the end of the event

The amount of THX that can be earned increases each successive period.

Earnings for each period are calculated based on the length of time that you stake, the amount of THX tokens that you stake

Initial liquidity mining program will be pretty simple, rewards amount will be calculated based on the following parameters:

  1. Liquidity supplied by the individual user.
  2. Overall liquidity in the pool.

Start liquidity at the launch of the event 25 october 2020 8 PM UTC to be eligible

Staking Project $THX DeFi Details Live 25–10–2020

THX enables defi users to earn a return on their holdings By staking their tokens into Liquidity, THX provides all the benefits of yield farming without the downside

With staking activated, THX network will become even more democratized. offline staking will incentivize users to stake their THX DeFi tokens from their wallets & earn “weekly” staking Reward

THX Purchase

Email for Direct Purchase from Thore Network Treasury

THX Uniswap link



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