THX DeFi Project

The total number of Bitcoin locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols has reached an all-time high as DeFi

In early 2019, there were only $275M of crypto collateral in the DeFi economy than the current $11.9 Billion+; this represents the massive adoption of this platform. $100 Billion DeFi Market in 1 year is Possible

THX DeFi Project

THX DeFi goal is to become the next generation of the DeFi aggregation ecosystem, dedicated to obtaining the highest revenue and security for users. THX DeFi token can be used for staking, fee rewards, voting, and governance in the THX DeFi Platform


Dedicated DeFi Sub Portal Live Nov 2020* represents a community-governed and decentralised project that aims to facilitate high reward yields when trading/Staking + peer-to-peer and non-custodial platform that allows them to earn interest on digital asset deposits/Staking. THX DeFi Using THXChain Thore Protocol also serves as a lending and borrowing service, thereby granting users the possibility of quickly securing loans

Presale Live 15–10–2020 — — 01–11–2020

Presale Phase I = 100000 THX Already Staked

Pre-Sale Phase II Price

$1 = 1 THX

Minimum purchase : 100 THX — Maximum purchase : 2000

Total only 74000 THX available for Pre-Sale Phase II

Token Type : ERC

Token symbol : THX

Token Name : ThoreNext

Contract : 0x6A0a8508C85Dbc5aD8Ece286B93EBE01437fF8b0

Initial Uniswap Liquidity : 50000 (Expected)

How to Purchase THX DeFi Presale II

Purchase Directly from Thore Network Treasury


Presale Reward

Upto 500 THX get 15% THXChain Bonus

1000 THX get 25% THXChain Bonus

2000 THX get 40% THXChain Bonus

Project live Nov 2020

3 Staking Model Details Live 25–10–2020 Medium Post

The introduction of a new staking mechanism on the THXChain Network has opened up new opportunities for Users

THX DeFi Project Price Potential

The latest staking mechanism combined with its robust Transaction Fees Mining channel has turned 3 years Old THX into a very attractive blockchain+DeFi project for the crypto community

We Expect $15-$30 Price in 1st Quarter 2021



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