THX DeFi Staking completed!

Thore Network
Nov 19, 2020

ThoreNext DeFi 2nd Staking Auction in 2020 officially ended. Thanks to the Holders for your attention and support!
within 15 days after the launch, Maximum 75000 THX Staking was completed. So the staking pool is closed on 15–11–2020

Next Staking January 2021*

THX DeFi is Exclusive Project & part of THXCHAIN Ecosystem We want maximum 100 Holders only in this Project till March 2021

THX DeFi Potential is 100X from Base Price & Its Thorecoin 2.0 in terms of Performance

Thore Network Biggest asset is its 3 yrs History Thore Project Born in Jan 2018 & completed 35+ Months We are one of the Major beneficiary of Dreaded 2018 Crypto Bear Market completed our #Build Process between $3000-$4000 Bitcoin levels It’s important to note that the Crypto+ blockchain space is still changing so we are & THX Transition in DeFi is one such example

THX DeFi has a vision of unlocking USD 10 MN or more in “Total Value Locked (TVL)” for users by the end of 2nd Qtr 2021

With completion of the Staking the Holder Reward period shall officially be: 15 NOV 2020 to 15 DEC 2020 (30 days)

The unlocking date for Staking stake Holders Reward is expected to coincide with the initiation of THX DeFi Dedicated Portal + Transaction Yield farming 15 DEC 2020 Onwards

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