$THX DeFi Staking Live

THX DeFi Project basically comes with 2 features:

Liquidity Mining

& Staking

finally announce all the details you need about our upcoming staking launch

From this very moment, you are now able to stake your THX DeFi tokens

Within the next 24 hours we’ll allowing you to stake all your $THX DeFi tokens and earn incredible rewards

To get it out right away —

minimum staking requirement is 100 $THX DeFi Tokens

Maximum 3000 $THX DeFi Tokens

Eg if you stake 1000 THX DeFi token you will get 80–100 THX Every Month as Reward & these THX Tokens you can trade within exchanges

How to Purchase THX DeFi Tokens

To be eligible for the Staking program, you must:




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