THX Defi Token Details

DeFi platforms could shift to other blockchains, which can cope with DeFi’s demands with Near zero Transaction Cost

Common theme in DeFi this year has been to increasingly decentralize governance, with Projects giving up an increasing share of control over their project to their communities. The boom in governance tokens, which are used as incentives for traders to add liquidity to these protocols, has accelerated the trend.

#THX Defi Token

Project live 05–09–2020


If you Have THX — CREX Tokens

Transfer to Your THXCHAIN wallet before 01–09–2020 UTC +8

For Migration from ERC20 THX — THXChain Defi Protocol

Once your tokens are safely stored in your THXCHAIN wallet address, you’re all set. After the Defi Protocol launches, you’ll see your THX RTL Tokens replaced with THX Defi Tokens in your wallet

THX Defi Project Details

Contract Address

We are going to Burn 70% THX Tokens in 3 phases

Revised Circulating Supply 800000 THX Only

RTL (Ready To Lend)clients automatically eligible for Defi project



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