THX- THXChain SWAP #Mainnet2020 & THXChain Update

KYC Update 24–06–2020

778 KYC Confirmation Sent Check your Registered Email

Total KYC Request Received 2340*

Total KYC Approved 1229* (20–06–2020)

Manual KYC Approval Process initiated for 129*

All participants will be emailed all necessary information — Only in your Registered Official Email ID

You all aware Thore Network is Migrating to its Own CHAIN #THXChain as per our #Mainnet2020 Agenda Here, we provide a overview of our path to mainnet

Thore Network designed a three-phase launch plan to roll out the functionalities and the features step-by-step.

First Phase to guarantee the network stability in the early stage and to shake out all the bugs of major functionalities — Completed

We are currently doing 2 week Final Testing from 15 June 2020 before Going Live

Second Phase — Digital OnBoarding of existing/New Token Holders SWAP Listing & Trading

Phase 3 Staking & #BuildOnTHX

45% Staking is Locked already as per Private placement

Due to COVID Our Process is already delayed 1 QTR “Only” & We believes such a three-phase design is a healthier approach for the Thore network & will be completed in next 1 QTR The whole design of the #Mainnet launch plan took months of deliberation. Thore Network have witnessed many projects launching their mainnet with a big promises and even bigger expectations, but with barely any real movement or progress after that so we are not in hurry the three-phase launch plan can and will assist Thore Network to have a network with meaningful transactions, Innovative Projects sufficient Validators, and a primarily well established ecosystem

THX (ThoreNext)


A. THX (ERC/Waves) to THXChain Mainnet token swap: open From Today

B.Fresh Buying validity : If you want to buy from exchanges for Upcoming MainNet SWAP #THX #Mainnet2020 Kindly Save this date

06/07/2020 (6 July 2020)

Any Fresh purchase Post 6 July is not eligible

SWAP Ratio

ERC THX 400 ERC THX = 1 THXChain ThoreNext Token “THX”

Waves THX 1 Waves = 1 THXChain ThoreNext Token “THX”

You will be able to withdraw your tokens but will no longer be able to deposit or trade them after 06/07/2020

Existing Holders Can Transfer THX (ERC Waves ) to Private wallets

Digital Onboarding (TCH+THX) Start 10/07/2020 *

#Important Read

*Update coming 1st July 2020



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