THX Staking

As Part of TCH lending Project #RTL Its time to start #THX Token staking exclusive for Its Holders

Our 7th staking project An initiative to reward our Token Holders Community Staking networks are great — they create a new source of returns backed by real economies of network Growth

Total QTY 13400 #THX open for staking

Maximum Stake Quantity 500 Per wallet

Minimum Stake Quantity 15 per wallet

IMPORTANT : Only THX- is eligible for Staking

#TCH Staking Project Details

Staking Factor & Duration

The following staking periods are available to choose

49 Days (40% Reward)

101 Days (82% Reward)

The longer you stake your #THX the higher your staking factor(Reward) will be

Thore Network is always ahead and we started Our 1st Staking in 2018 #TCH & Overall we Distributed 230% Return in 1 year Through Staking — we might envision a market where staking opportunities are creating a lot more borrowing demand than we see now

Now Staking Trend is growing Recently, staking has gained interest among investors and crypto companies as Coinbase recently announced their support for Tezos and staking for institutional and Trust Wallet added Tezos to their wallet and soon staking.

THX Staking Participant eligible for #Mainnet2020 THX Chain & THX Coin As Reward For Network Management

By putting your THX Waves Token at stake, your main benefit is enjoying the “crypto dividend” you will receive each cycle, and see these rewards grow in time Once you stake your THX you will not be able to withdraw or trade them since they are now locked until the end of the staking duration

Staking Live from 15 OCT 2019

Google Form Live 12 OCT 2019



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