THXCHAIN Asset Information

At this moment, 2 types of ThoreNext Tokens are in circulation: Ethereum-based Waves based These “THX” tokens are commonly regarded as placeholders for trading on exchanges, and expected to be converted to a native THXChain token which will be issued at mainnet launch it requires a mandatory token swap

THX — THXChain Breakup

Total Supply Total Supply:

210,000,000 THX ERC

In Mainnet2020

ERC Revised Swap Ratio 200 Old ERC = 1 THX

1 Waves THX = 1 THXChain Asset

Our Initial circulating supply (THXChain) 👇🏻

1050000 (ERCPart)

1050000(Waves Part)

2100000 THXChain Asset Only**

Remaining THXChain will be issued through Mining for MasterNode & other Network activities

Fresh Buying validity : If you want to buy from exchanges for Upcoming MainNet SWAP #Mainnet2020 Kindly Save this date

7 July 2020

Any Fresh purchase Post 10 July is not eligible

10 July 2020 UTC +1 — Wallet Activation Guidelines for all eligible whitelisted Holders

THX History

THX issued As TCH reward in AUGUST 2018 @ 1 satoshi fixed price (zero value token)

Total 3.7 MN THX Reward given to Holders & Remaining from exchanges


THX is a huge success, with the initial price of the token being zero and THX erc part rally 2 satoshi -500 satoshi (Average)

Waves THX Listed @ $0.02 Only & Hit $25 (Flash high) within 6 month and traded $4-$8 entire 2019 & 1st QTR 2020

THX הונפק כפרס TCH באוגוסט 2018 @ 1 מחיר קבוע לסטושי (אסימון ערך אפס)
סה"כ 3.7 MN THX תגמול שניתן למחזיקים ונותרים מבורסות
THX הוא הצלחה אדירה, כאשר המחיר ההתחלתי של האסימון הוא אפס ו- THX erc חלק בעצרת 2 satoshi -500 satoshi (ממוצע)
גלים THX רשומים @ $ 0.02 בלבד ופגע 25 $ (פלאש גבוה) תוך 6 חודשים וסחרו 4- $ 8 $ כל 2019 & QTR 20