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3 min readJan 24, 2021

THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public 25–01–2021

This is the next stage in the development and evolution of the THXCHAIN ecosystem, and an important milestone in the journey towards large-scale adoption of crypto and institutional investment in Thore Network digital assets Through stake sell

Trading is going to Play very small role in Our future plans

Thore Network Exchange Infra (Thore Exchange Yourtoken & TCHApp) merged into single entity THXCHAIN Digital Platform #TDP Collectively we create an end-to-end solution for the emerging digital asset market, specifically the trend of tokenized Assets— more commonly referred to as security tokens & Crypto Future Binary Options Esport Tokens & Tokenised Global assets like AAPL Netflix Tesla Crude Gold

Looking ahead, the total number of modules will be close to 6 & On or Before March 2021 All Modules will be live

STO Trading Module (THRSTO TCHSTO) will be integrated Next

THXCHAIN Trading Platform Its first module — the exchange is scheduled to be Live Jan 25 2021

THXCHAIN Trading Gateway will enable users to deposit, store, trade and withdraw THXCHAIN from the Digital Platform

THXCHAIN can now be deposited

it is held on a secure server These THXCHAIN asset can be stored in a Holding or Trading wallet, sent to other users, or traded on the Platform against ETH USDT

THXCHAIN Digital Platform is solely dependent on the endorsement of all its participants any THXCHAIN Digital Asset holder automatically gets voting rights and also a priority in future decision-making within the platform The THXCHAIN Digital platform comes at a time when exchanges are facing various challenges, especially regarding security and transparency. The blockchain sphere is also growing at a fast rate.

Total 2759 Users participated in KYC & THXCHAIN Migration

We Expect 25–30% users start Trading as soon as Possible


THXCHAIN Digital Platform following Traditional stock Market Method trading terminal allows to make orders way more customisable and powerful than anywhere else. Among all, it offers unique trading automation tools such as trailing stop and double stop* allowing to make the most of the market, as well as smart orders constructor, All the open orders will be automatically cancelled EOD & if there is no Trading activity for Significant time All Open Buy/sell orders will be automatically “disable”

Good Till Cancelled (GTC) Order-book coming in Next Digital Platform Update*

THXCHAIN users need to Trade & Show Mature Approach

Based on THXCHAIN Community Trading Pattern and Behaviour Thore Network will support External Liquidity from time to time & explore New Listing Markets

We remain focused on delivering greater technology and Disruptions for the digital asset industry

THXCHAIN App Digital Platform Live from FEB 25–02–2021

THXCHAIN Digital Platform is now accessible at the following URL

Digital Platform Homepage Link :
Digital Platform Link :