THXCHAIN Digital Platform Live

THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public 25–01–2021

Looking ahead, the total number of modules will be close to 6 & On or Before March 2021 All Modules will be live

STO Trading Module (THRSTO TCHSTO) will be integrated Next

THXCHAIN Trading Platform Its first module — the exchange is scheduled to be Live Jan 25 2021

THXCHAIN Trading Gateway will enable users to deposit, store, trade and withdraw THXCHAIN from the Digital Platform

THXCHAIN can now be deposited

it is held on a secure server These THXCHAIN asset can be stored in a Holding or Trading wallet, sent to other users, or traded on the Platform against ETH USDT

THXCHAIN users need to Trade & Show Mature Approach

Based on THXCHAIN Community Trading Pattern and Behaviour Thore Network will support External Liquidity from time to time & explore New Listing Markets

We remain focused on delivering greater technology and Disruptions for the digital asset industry

THXCHAIN App Digital Platform Live from FEB 25–02–2021

THXCHAIN Digital Platform is now accessible at the following URL



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