THXCHAIN Google Play App Live

Phase IV Swap

  • Store THXCHAIN THX & 20+ Crypto Assets
  • Instant Digital Platform/Exchange with Plug and Play Liquidity (Exclusive in App Model only)
  • Crypto transfers between Trading and savings Wallets
  • Crypto lending module
  • Earn compound interest on your Digital Assets(in Ethereum, Tether USD, THX THXCHAIN );
  • receive crypto via wallet address and QR-code;
  • check your transaction history

You can now apply for a Fiat loan Upto $500 from your phone

claim THX DeFi 50000 tokens for free in brand new Android app

THXCHAIN web version and THXCHAIN App are running independently in parallel

6 Unique Modules reserved for App Only We’ll continue developing the app to the fullest



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