THXCHAIN Google Play App Live

THXCHAIN App live Google Play

Thore Network App Only Model is Ready

Uninstall THXCHAIN App and Download from Google Play for

Phase IV Swap

The next features THXCHAIN App we are working at:

  • Store THXCHAIN THX & 20+ Crypto Assets
  • Instant Digital Platform/Exchange with Plug and Play Liquidity (Exclusive in App Model only)
  • Crypto transfers between Trading and savings Wallets
  • Crypto lending module
  • Earn compound interest on your Digital Assets(in Ethereum, Tether USD, THX THXCHAIN );
  • receive crypto via wallet address and QR-code;
  • check your transaction history

You can now apply for a Fiat loan Upto $500 from your phone

claim THX DeFi 50000 tokens for free in brand new Android app

from 01–03–2021Here’s how it works:

First, you have to download the app from Google Play.

Wait for little gift box with a tiny green circle 01–03–2021


Enter your email address and your ETH address, then press Claim. You will get Minimum 10 Maximum 100 THX DeFi tokens Immediately

THXCHAIN web version and THXCHAIN App are running independently in parallel

6 Unique Modules reserved for App Only We’ll continue developing the app to the fullest



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