THXCHAIN Incentivised Liquidity

Thore Protocol is created to solve the problem of the lack of liquidity of THXCHAIN


THXCHAIN is Migration Project it means 90% users Migrated from TCH (67%) & THX (33%) & Both TCH THX Delivered 20x Return between DEC 2018-Jan 2020

No One actually PAID for THXCHAIN#Mainnet2020 They Traded in TCH THX for 2 years and as per our RoadMap Migrated to THXCHAIN


In addition to users Made 2000–3000+ ETH in TCH Trading &

ETH is Now 25x from DEC 2019 Jan 2020 price ie $100-$2500 approx

THX Listed 1 satoshi and Hit Swap adjusted USD $10 and traded between $8-$10 entire 2019-early 2020

Do the Math

Next Month May 2021 we will release a brand-new App Only Module with Liquidity for THXCHAIN Asset

If we have plans to list on other exchange platforms.

We decided to stay firmly on THXCHAIN Digital Platform Only


The second quarter of 2021 is critical time period for Thore Network 2.0

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THXCHAIN Digital Platform Tokenised stock




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