THXChain KYC Report + Onboarding schedule Update

Thore Network
1 min readJun 9, 2020


KYC Report is Ready Doing this exercise is important in the New regulatory environment, especially given how Regulators view the crypto & Digital asset Business We have decided to comply and fulfil these requirements because the upcoming partnerships are hugely important for the future scaling and development of Thore Network — No Hurry No compromise

First 36 KYC Confirmation Sent Today — Check your Registered Email

Total KYC Request Received 2340*

Total KYC Approved 788* (08–06–2020)

We will send all KYC approval Before 12/15 June

All participants will be emailed all necessary information — Only in your Registered Official Email ID

This KYC is valid till 31–12–2021

We are 50% complete with processing KYC updates, and will complete the remaining over the next 7 working days . Roughly 3 out of 5 people who submitted KYC info passed.

Unfortunately for people who failed KYC, it’s not possible to respond to each individually It’s a pass or fail. Applicants that can’t be verified automatically or that require additional checks will be manually processed — after 12 June

Common reasons for failing include:

  • Expired/Invalid ID
  • Dubious information
  • Named on a watchlist AML
  • Missing information
  • False information

If your KYC registration is approved, we will notify you by June 15 2020. This email will come from ONLY

Wallet Activation + Digital Onboarding / SWAP schedule in Next Medium Post very soon (almost ready)