THXChain — — #Mainnet2020


3 July 2020 THXChain Asset Information Update

7 — 10 july we received request from many token holders for “Date extension & accordingly we extended date to 15- july

Our Token burning process completed

Today 17 July & we found

ERC THX Mercatox 840,010

& Waves THX 2015800 qty still lying with Exchange wallets

Several Reminder “Recommendation : Transfer Your THX from exchange wallets to Private wallet (ERC/Waves) ASAP” still 80% qty is with exchanges only

Last & Final : Transfer Your THX from exchange wallets to Private wallet (ERC/Waves) ASAP Today only after that

Any quantity in exchange wallet is not going to be part of THXChain

Any Fresh purchase Post 15 July is not eligible

We want to activate 1000+ wallets in phase 1* we will send u details in ur registered email only for wallet activation

Thore network plans to initiate a mainnet node wallet upgrade to 1.08 on July 18, 2020 The node wallet upgrade is mandatory before activation

Beginning next month, we will begin releasing live blockchain and #BuildwithTHX protocols

1000+ ארנקים בשלב 1 * אנו נשלח אליך פרטים בדוא"ל הרשום שלך רק להפעלת הארנק
רשת ת'ור מתכננת להתחיל שדרוג ארנק צומת mainnet ל- 1.08 ב- 18 ביולי 2020 שדרוג ארנק הצומת הוא חובה לפני ההפעלה.
החל מהחודש הבא נתחיל לשחרר פרוטוקולי blockchain בשידור חי ו- #BuildwithT

RTL THX Contract will be listed separately with a New Smart contract exclusive for RTL clients and valid till DEC 2020 (Expiry of RTL Contract)

*based on ur personal wallet quantity