THXCHAIN MasterNode Ownership

What is MasterNODE

Masternode is a server on a THXCHAIN network. THXCHAIN blockchain protocols provide for the creation of particular nodes that perform Many additional work on the verification of transactions and bring their owners regular profits. Such nodes are called masternodes. They regularly get rewards for completing such actions Additionally, as the setup of a masternode (especially in the context of digital currencies) requires the setting aside of stake, they are also called bonded validator systems

The most common demand for initial masternode setup is the locking away of a considerable amount of the digital asset native to the network in which the node operates. This requirement is an important aspect of the rewards, and incentive structure of THXChain Network

The setup of a masternode varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency but generally involves downloading a full node, staking the required amount of coins or tokens to operate a masternode, and then configuring the node and linking it to the network so that it can operate as a masternode.

THXChain simplified this entire Process

THX MasterNode Project

Total MasterNode 21 Only

Locked 7*

Bid Open for 10 MasterNode

Masternode collateral : 50000 THXCHAIN (Minimum)

In short, THXCHAIN MasterNode Program is an automatic masternode staking platform. Which means it will generate profit for you in the form of ‘stakes’


50000 THXChain Minimum Requirement

Process Deposit ETH/USDT worth $6000

in the official THXCHAIN MasterNode wallet, We will allocate 50000 THXChain and deposit it into the MasterNode User wallet’s . A maximum of 10 million THXCHAIN is available for the initial MasterNode program

Annual Passive Income Potential 100–120%

Minimum Lockin 100 Days

Maximum 180 Days

After 100 Days THXCHAIN Mining/Minting start & Only MasterNode Owners allowed

MasterNode Owners will be provided following technical supports and services from THXCHAIN

* Service installation (Mining Pool Website, THXCHAIN Mining Node)
* Their Mining Pool will be registered on the official THXCHAIN Mining Pool List
* Their Mining Pool will be in the pool selection list of THXCHAIN Wallet+Mining App

Special Reward to Master Nodes

  1. After the end of this stage, when 10 million THXCHAIN tokens are exchanged, the top 5 Master Nodes will have the opportunity to participate in the Super Nodes competition (21 in total). Twenty-One Super Nodes will share up to 5 million THXCHAIN tokens as mining awards

For MasterNode Ownership Email

THXCHAIN #Mainnet2020 is live The mainnet launch is a giant step towards achieving our vision However, we want to remind you that this is only the beginning, there is a lot more works to be done, and subsequent announcements will follow

THXCHAIN Wallet + Mining App (75% completed)

Listing Of THXCHAIN Token within 30 days*

Staking of THXCHAIN Tokens — Live within 30 days

Build with THX — Build Defi Projects using THXCHAIN

Cross-network interoperability

Payment interoperability (FIAT+BTC+THXCHAIN)

Decentralised lending platform where they can earn interest on their loaned crypto assets using #TCH-THXCHAIN Network


Swap Token + Fresh Purchase THXCHAIN is not eligible for MasterNode program

MasterNode Staking wallet activation completed

For MasterNode Ownership Email



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