We first introduced our staking plans in July 2018 and since 6 Staking Projects completed Within six Months* of the project’s launch, more than 60 million TCH had been staked, revealing its popularity among Thore Network Users

Continual growth of Thore network and volume has allowed for better than expected rewards for our stakers, while also presenting an opportunity to grow our staking program even further #Mainnet2020

Reference https://medium.com/@Thorenetwork/tch-staking-stats-fa1585e913c2

16x Return from March 2019-August 2020 #TCH

We are now pleased to introduce Mainnet2020 staking #THXCHAIN with increased staking volume


Staking has been employed in several ways by blockchain technologies, most notably as the key component of POS

#THXCHAIN staking serves as the basis for an incentive system that provides several unique benefits

Staking allows users to temporarily lock up (“stake”) their #THXCHAIN tokens to receive token rewards in exchange. The more #THXC tokens staked, the more the user will earn

The longer you stake your #THXCHAIN the higher your (Reward) will be

45 MN staking Open from 15–09–2020

The following staking periods are available to choose from to stake

180 Days (87% Reward)

240 Days (136% Reward)

How to Participate in Staking

There has been a great demand for our previous staking plans

45 MN staking Open from 15–09–2020

30 Mn THXC is PreBooked with Thore Network Exchange Infra stake holders & OTC Buyers

15 MN THXC is Open for Staking

Detailed Rules of Staking

  • Token staked: THXC
  • Token earned: THXC
  • The total amount of staking tokens: 15,000,000 THXCHAIN
  • Staking period: 180–240 days
  • Staking Minimum limit per person: 1000 THXCHAIN
  • Upper limit of total staking: None
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 THXCHAIN SWAP Tokens Not eligible for Staking
  • MasterNode Owners Token Not Eligible for Staking

If you wish to participate in THXCHAIN Staking

Purchase TCH ERC/ THX ERC from Exchanges & Participate in THXCHAIN Phase 3 SWAP

SWAP ratio is same

Purchase THXC Directly from Thore Network Treasury

Email info@thorenetwork.com

Last Date 30–9–2020

Staking live from 01–10–2020


  • Stake your THXC tokens, earn token rewards
  • Increase the amount you stake to enter higher tiers and get more rewards
  • Staking has benefits for THXCHAIN users, investors, and Associates
  • Stay tuned for more details on staking coming soon!


PhaseI 2 MN THXCHAIN Completed

PhaseII 20 MN THXCHAIN Going On..

PhaseIII 45 MN THXCHAIN Staking

PhaseIV Final — To be Announced