THXCHAIN Phase 3 Staking Update

Thore Network
1 min readSep 21, 2020



❗️ Please note that the Phase 3 of the THXCHAIN token Swap/staking program is officially finished

Staking Quota 100% Subscribed

75% — Direct Purchase from Thore Network Treasury

25% — Phase 3 Fresh Purchase swap

We are still receiving questions, regarding participation in the Phase3 staking program, but at this moment, the current round is 100% Locked

By staking THXC tokens and holding THXC tokens in your THXCHAIN Web wallet (registered in your profile), you will be getting THXC tokens sent to your wallets every Month

All we can say for now is — keep an eye on the news in our Future Medium Posts

One common query is

WHY Phase 1 & Phase 2 THXCHAIN Not eligible for staking

Reason 1) TCH Generated 16x Return from March 2019-August 2020 #TCH

  • 45% TCH qty we received for SWAP is from previous staking plans They already generated 100% Staking return Its More than enough Return for Holders
  • Staking allows users to temporarily lock up (“stake”) their #THXCHAIN tokens & Phase 1 Phase II tokens are Trading tokens — We cannot allow them to lock for 240 days — Trading start soon Currently, the negotiations are held with 2/3 exchanges and we will announce very soon @ appropriate time