THXCHAIN Phase II SWAP Token Distribution

Thore Network
Oct 27, 2020


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THXCHAIN #Mainnet distribution has been different from most other blockchain projects

Phase 1 Completed 2.1 MN

Phase III Staking Completed 45 MN

Phase II Ongoing 20 MN*

Phase IV 15 MN ( Paid SWAP Only)

Phase I+II+III is PreMined Only After Phase II Distribution completion we will start Mining/Minting THXCHAIN via MasterNode

Important Update

THXCHAIN has created a new protocol for securely managing assets on a public blockchain in a confidential way by using a hybrid design

Transfer Amount Confidentiality

Transfer amounts and account balances are kept confidential through the use of New Protocol

the Quantity of an asset confidential, THXCHAIN asset Net Value transferred is also kept confidential. This will enable users to maintain private portfolios. It is one of the few confidentiality protocols for THXCHAIN — You cannot see Transactions on Public explorer

Thore Network sold 3 MN THXCHAIN In Private sale Round 3