THXCHAIN Quick Update

THX waves with Exchange

Mercatox 819,345

THX ERC with Exchange

In Previous Medium Update Our Initial circulating supply (THXChain) 👇🏻

1050000 (ERCPart)

1050000(Waves Part)

2100000 THXChain Asset Only**

Out of 2100000 1900000 still with exchanges


Transfer Your THX from exchange wallets to Private wallet (ERC/Waves) As soon as Possible

Fresh Buying validity : If you want to buy from exchanges for Upcoming MainNet SWAP #Mainnet2020 Kindly Save this date

If your THX is with exchanges transfer from exchange wallet to Your Private wallet ON Before 10 July 2020

Last Date 7 July 2020 + 2 Days

Public Notice

#8.75 Million THX (ERC+Waves) issued to RTL (Ready to lend) clients between OCT 2018-OCT 2019 & They are Not going to be part of THXCHAIN supply

RTL THX Contract will be listed separately with a New Smart contract exclusive for RTL clients and valid till DEC 2020 (Expiry of RTL Contract)

KYC Update

Our KYC Provider cleared 60%+ pending KYC verifications!

Remaining is going on for Auto/Manual verification & will take own sweet time

Thore network KYC providers uses EU ’ “Watch List” which reflects 1,100+ global watch lists. monitors global sanctions and PEP lists everyday and updates newly added information to ensure compliance with AML.

1. Sanction: Global sanction list
- More than 180 sanction lists including UN, EU, OFAC
- More than 390 other official lists including Interpol, Asian Development Bank anti-corruption policy list

2. PEPs: Politically Exposed Persons
- 23 job categories such as ministers and government officials
- Data accumulation since 2002 in accordance with international regulations and guidelines

3. RCAs: PEP and SIP Relatives & Close Associates
- Brother, spouse, child, parent, relative, friend, legal counsel, company associate, etc.

4. SIPs: Special Interest Persons who are under legal proceedings
- People who have been convicted, arrested or in trial against issues regarding finance, taxation, organization, corruption, trafficking, terrorism, etc.
- Data monitored over 2 million articles worldwide every week

There will be a separate customer due diligence process for false-positive errors that we may have




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Thore Network

Thore Network

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