THXCHAIN Trading Update

Thore Network
2 min readAug 25, 2020


Our testing phase of the $THXCHAIN Coin Trading

THXC/USD & THXC/BTC trading of the #THXCHAIN will be live soon*

THXCHAIN Inbuilt Trading Platform

External Exchanges

Trading Platform Deposit

User Deposited 79 THXCHAIN from Wallet to Trading Platform wallet

79 THXCHAIN Instantly Credit in Trading Platform Wallet


Thore Network started Disruptive idea of TRI Blockchain 1 token successfully completed 2.5 years 3 Million + Transactions across exchanges & 4 Digit Gain Yearly basis

THXCHAIN is Thore Network 2.0 & Its Highly Disruptive :) created with a vision to right the wrongs of older Blockchain & True ZERO Transaction fees Model

THXCHAIN upcoming innovations are super important to the Token/DeFi community

Transaction finance is Next Big Theme in Crypto & its 1000x Opportunity #THXCHAIN

Ethereum fees have skyrocketed this year,

We Invite Individual / Medium size Liquidity Providers in THXCHAIN

Stake BTC/ETH/USDT with Thore Network THXCHAIN Lending and staking platforms

THXCHAIN allow them to tap into the DeFi/Transaction Finance market via Thore protocol with Higher Returns