THXCHAIN Wallet Live

#THXCHAIN #Mainnet2020 Live, and the Circulating supply officially released, signifying the evolution of the Thore Network into a new stage. After months of careful preparation, Thore Network is now officially announcing the timing of the start of the THXChain mainnet swap, All TCH/THX ERC20 “Old” tokens can be converted to native THXChain Mainnet Coin


All Private wallet Holders of THX/TCH ERC20 (Whitelisted)

1–2–3 Steps


Login with your Registered EMAIL ID


Click Wallet

Click Deposit

Every User has a new deposit address

Step 3

Copy your Wallet Address

Write email to with following details

Your THXChain New wallet Address

Your TCH/THX ERC20 Private wallet Address

Total Quantity You Own (Old Contract TCH/THX)

Surrender Your OLD TCH/THX ERC20 Tokens

& SWAP Process start

#Important DO NOT TRY TO DEPOSIT Old TCH/THX ERC20 tokens to THXCHAIN Address — Strictly AVOID

Coming soon

Swap via an exchange

Swap via a third party exchange is the simplest and requires the least understanding of blockchain technology We finished integration with One exchange for listing & “SWAP” & Announcement soon Please pay attention to announcements from the relevant exchange/s and Our Medium Post complete the coin swap in accordance with the instructions provided in their announcements



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