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The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting lives and businesses worldwide. Here at Thore Network, we are adapting ourselves to the changing times too

Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery


#Mainnet2020 95% Completed #THXChain Beta Testing 1 completed

Under AMLD5 Thore Network started Registration process with Local Regulators (Feb Mid-March 1st week) & COVID-19 Pandemic hit globally and lockdown phase +Border seal phase started Entire Registration process is pending so We are unable to provide more information at the present time. We will keep you all posted as the situation develops Thore Network is building blend of Traditional financial system+ Digital assets platform and we need Regulatory Approvals before #Mainnet2020 Live


KYC importance

1 Single KYC Unlocks

Token SWAP

Token Purchase/sell

THXChain Build

THXChain Custodian wallet access

Thore Network Exchange Infra access

Security Token Access

TCHApp Wallet & Assets+Trading Access

Fiat lending

Digital Asset Distribution Network

Thore Network is in the process of establishing strategic partnerships with other platforms and systems to support fiat Lending, and are obtaining financial licences in EU jurisdictions

We have decided to comply and fulfill these requirements because the partnerships on offer are hugely important for the future scaling and development of Thore Network

Previous Update At this stage, once Lockdown phase over and Normal life back on street first thing we will finish KYC & SWAP But it’s not so easy to return from the Lockdown/extended lockdown and its safe to assume our Legal & KYC Partners may take additional time afterall doing KYC & finish legal documents is last priority at this stage for them

We will be in touch shortly with information about the exact date around 30 april 2020

On a positive note, remote working has been embraced from day one @ Thore Network . The global shift towards remote working is welcome Move

The crypto asset industry is arguably one of the best-equipped to handle communicating effectively across different time zones, maintaining productivity, and managing teams remotely.

As we progress towards a more digitized future, Thore Network is all set to start its Traditional Financial system+ Digital Asset Model via #Mainnet2020 later this Year

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving in 35 days We are keeping a close eye on developments related to the Bitcoin Halving in COVID19 ERA If the scale of the pandemic does not become absolutely catastrophic, a serious growth can be expected on the cryptocurrency market from June 2020

Stay Safe

Thore Network




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