Y’all better go get $SHIB it’s cheap

Thore Network participation in SHIBA & memecoin from Jan 2021

All-Time Low $0.00000000 23592479.8%
Nov 28, 2020 (6 months)

$0.01 is Our Price Projection Long Term

SHIB/USDT trading is live on THXCHAIN Digital Platform You can now buy, sell, trade $SHIB in USDT market.

Trade to Share 25,000 USDT + 100,000,000 SHIB Airdrop Rewards!

Details Live 21–05–2021

Staking Reward Upto 50%

For Details email

Thore Protocol is created to solve the problem of the lack of liquidity of THXCHAIN


THXCHAIN is Migration Project it means 90% users Migrated from TCH (67%) & THX (33%) & Both TCH THX Delivered 20x Return between DEC 2018-Jan 2020

No One actually PAID for THXCHAIN#Mainnet2020 They Traded in TCH THX for 2 years and as per our RoadMap Migrated to THXCHAIN


In addition to users Made 2000–3000+ ETH in TCH Trading &

ETH is Now 25x from DEC 2019 Jan 2020 price ie $100-$2500 approx

THX Listed 1 satoshi and Hit Swap adjusted USD $10…

Purchase $200 or more in AAPL Tokenised Stock & Trade

Download App


Earn rewards worth 10000 USDT


The competition is open to new and existing Users — THXCHAIN Digital Platform

Purchase $200 or more AAPL Token to enter

Minimum 10 Trade per User

Purchase & Trading must be made via our THXChain Digital Platform must be held for the duration of the competition

The competition closes 28FEB 2021

Users will be ranked from 1st to 15th based on their total trading volume on THXChain Digital Platform ( calculated as the total buying and selling volume, AAPL, be converted to USDT for calculation

Reward $10000 worth USDT+THR Digital Portfolio Token+THRSTO & THX DeFi tokens

AAPL Tokenised Stock is listed Under Digital Asset Platform Initiative


This is Final Staking Project from ThoreNext after that No staking is coming

Thore Network 10th Staking Project

2018–2021* $500000 worth Staking Reward Distributed (TCH THX )

THX DeFi Staking 3.0 Live

Total: 75000 Only

Full maturity: 180 days

Mandatory lock: 180 Days

Early withdrawal: Earn 25% of rewards, with 75% of rewards forfeited to bonus pool

120% annualised at full maturity

100% THXCHAIN Bonus

Eligibility Criteria

Only THX DeFi Purchased between 10–02–2021 UTC +1 to 25–02–2021 is eligible for Staking

Staking Form Live 26–02–2021

Staking live 01–03–2021 UTC +1

Staking THX tokens and holding THX tokens in your THXCHAIN App wallet

It’s been a great leg for cryptos, from THX DeFi Launch bitcoin up more than 450% and ETH up 900% & Our Valuation is UP 500% so Reward for THX DeFi Token Holders

Open Interest

THX DeFi brings a new concept towards the DeFi space by offering up to 15% interest to all token holders Monthly without staking or farming. Interest is paid just by holding THX Token in Wallet

Holders will earn interest every 14 days for 36 interest cycles ends on…

  1. Phase IV Swap
  2. Liquidity & Staking Program
  3. In App THXCHAIN Digital Platform

Phase IV (Final) SWAP

Phase 1 100% subscribed 2 Million Token

Phase 2 100% Subscribed 20 Million THXC

Phase 3 (Staking) 100% Subscribed 25 Million THXC

Thore Network thank you for your patience and we are pleased to now commence Phase IV SWAP of our THXCHAIN and invite our

OLD ERC-20/Waves/Tron TCH THX TCHTRX THEX THE token holders to swap your old Thore Network tokens for the Mainnet #THXCHAIN

Live 15–02–2021 Thore Network Token Holders will be able to start Swap on the 15th FEB 2021 and be required to swap all…

THXCHAIN Digital Asset Platform is Now Open to the Public 25–01–2021

This is the next stage in the development and evolution of the THXCHAIN ecosystem, and an important milestone in the journey towards large-scale adoption of crypto and institutional investment in Thore Network digital assets Through stake sell

Trading is going to Play very small role in Our future plans


Innovation has always been one of the major strengths of Thore Network it is time to share our plans for the remainder of 2020 and heading into 2021

The promise of blockchain technology has brought tremendous excitement and euphoria, reaching a Temporary peak in December 2017. 2018–2020 August 3 yrs+ Long phase of correction, reckoning, and cleansing. While nearly everyone got burned with the correction,”easy money” has practically evaporated. The market has not only cleansed the landscape, but has also pushed back on the immediate visions of Digital Assets future.Very …

ThoreNext DeFi 2nd Staking Auction in 2020 officially ended. Thanks to the Holders for your attention and support!
within 15 days after the launch, Maximum 75000 THX Staking was completed. So the staking pool is closed on 15–11–2020

Next Staking January 2021*

THX DeFi is Exclusive Project & part of THXCHAIN Ecosystem We want maximum 100 Holders only in this Project till March 2021

THX DeFi Potential is 100X from Base Price & Its Thorecoin 2.0 in terms of Performance

Thore Network Biggest asset is its 3 yrs History Thore Project Born in Jan 2018 & completed 35+ Months We are one of the Major beneficiary of Dreaded 2018 Crypto Bear Market completed our #Build Process between $3000-$4000 Bitcoin levels It’s…

THXCHAIN Wallet is built as the premiere staking wallet to Store Trade stake and earn THXC digital assets, plus so much more.

Digital wallets going to Play a fundamental role in a THXCHAIN blockchain ecosystem. They are a gateway to a new user’s blockchain experience as they seek to securely store their digital assets. Once these assets have been stored, however, there are generally few options available to holders to interact with them. Thore Network believes wallets should benefit holders beyond storing their tokens.

How THXCHAIN Wallet works

Built to be accessible and secure, THXCHAIN Wallet is a comprehensive platform Some of the benefits of App: intuitive staking, non-custodial (own your keys, own your crypto), fully decentralised, staking and MasterNode rewards distribution

Staking is now available for Every Holder Earn rewards for staking your tokens through THXCHAIN App

Listing Update 21–11–2020 Medium Post

We’ve made some significant improvements upon what was already a functional Blockchain Network

21–11–2020 Medium Post

we are also preparing to launch our wallet with internal exchange In Built Trading Facility and swap functions.


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